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Betiyon Ka Moolya - ’Baapu’ - IPC Mobile Episodes 'Ammaji'

Medium Mobisode
Language(s) Hindi
Description Synopses:
The mobisode showcases how a father gives care and support to his daughter during her menstruation. It also dispels the myth that after the first menstruation girl becomes mature for all the household work.

Question: What restrictions parents put on girls once they start menstruating?
Voice Over Answer:
o Girls are not allowed to go outside house
o They are not permitted to talk to men
o They are asked to take care of household work just like grown up women

However all these things are wrong and the right answer is starting of menstruation does not mean that girls have become women. During menstrual period daughters need affection, support and courage.

Question: What should a father do to take care of his growing daughter?
Voice Over Answer:
o Create a free environment in the house where girls can talk their heart out
o Do not restrict girls to do anything during menstrual period
o Construct a pakka toilet in the house
o Give them nutritious food

Suggested Audience: Mothers, fathers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, care givers, ANM, ASHA, AWW and community members.
Keyword(s) Menstrual period, affection, care, support, soap, adolescents, ANM, ASHA, AWW
Programme Communication for Development (C4D)
Sub-category Facts for Life Communication Initiative
Office New Delhi
Details Mobisode, 13:38 minutes
Date Created 08-Oct-2016
File Size 19.76 MB
Ref No C4D/FFLCI/1322