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Parvarish Ke Champion Varanmala – Flipbook with session plans for parents on responsive parenting

Medium Flip Book
Language(s) Hindi
Description Note: This flipbook is for supporting community workers and frontline workers in interacting and supporting parents of young children on how they can provide responsive parenting to their children. The flipbook is in a form of Varnamala/letters where each letter is linked to a key message for the parents making it easy for the parents to remember and practice.The flipbook can be used by any frontline workers and community workers to engage with parents of young children and support responsive caregiving.
Keyword(s) Parenting, Responsive parenting, Early Childhood Development, Gender Responsive Parenting; Hindi; Flipbook; varnamala
Programme Early Childhood Development
Sub-category Responsive Parenting
Office New Delhi
Details PDF; 108 pages
Date Created 08-Jan-2021
File Size 18.12 MB
Ref No ECD/RP/2141