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Pehli Mahawari ki Taiyaari – ’Meri Saheli, Meri Maa’ - IPC Mobile Episodes 'Ammaji'

Medium Mobisode
Language(s) Hindi
Description Synopses:
The mobisode focuses on the management of first menstrual period of a girl.

Question: Why don't mothers prepare their daughters for first menstrual period well in advance?
Voice Over Answer:
o Feeling ashamed about how to explain about it to them
o If the period has to come then what is the point of telling them in advance
o By telling them beforehand they might get frightened

However, all this is wrong. The mothers should inform their daughters about menstruation in advance so that they don't get frightened and are well prepared.

Question: How mothers can prepare their daughters for first menstruation/period?
Voice Over Answer:
o Talk to the daughters and make them understand what is menstruation before their first period
o Make them understand that it is natural
o Encourage them to ask questions
o For more information take them to ANM, AWW or ASHA

Suggested Audience: Mothers, fathers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, care givers, ANM, ASHA, AWW and community members.
Keyword(s) Menstruation, menstrual hygiene, shame, adolescents, ASHA, ANM, AWW
Programme Communication for Development (C4D)
Sub-category Facts for Life Communication Initiative
Office New Delhi
Details Mobisode, 12:37 minutes
Date Created 08-Oct-2016
File Size 18.13 MB
Ref No C4D/FFLCI/1321