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Tool No. 26 – Poster on Six Important Components of Sanitation in Schools (Marathi)

Medium Poster
Language(s) Marathi
Description Synopses:
The poster delineates six important factors of cleanliness in schools.
• Clean and safe compound
• Independent toilets and handwashing arrangement for boys and girls
• Provision of nail cutter, mirror and comb in the school
• Availability of safe drinking water for the children
• Imparting education regarding cleanliness and appropriate hygiene and sanitation in schools
• Provisions of tidy and clean place to eat food

Suggested Audience: Parents, adolescents, caregivers, school teachers. SMC members; community members
Keyword(s) Poster, cleanliness, schools, compound, handwashing, safe drinking water, sanitation, personal hygiene
Programme Water, Sanitation and Hygiene(WASH)
Sub-category School Sanitation
Office Mumbai
Details Poster
Date Created 24-Nov-2016
File Size 3.91 MB
Ref No WASH/SS/1378