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(5) Adolescent Health and Nutrition

Medium TV PSA
Language(s) Telugu
Description Synopsis:
In the video, an adolescent girl and boy are given fruits by their grandmother however the boy is given a bigger portion than the girl. The father intervenes and tells it is important for a girl to get an equal portion since anaemia poses danger for adolescent girls who are at a growing age and how a nutritious diet is vital at this age for a healthy life and safe pregnancy in the future.

Keyword(s) Adolescent Health, Nutrition, Reproductive Health, Gender Equality, Girl Child, Anaemia, Anaemia Prevention, Adolescents, Telugu
Programme Early Childhood Development
Sub-category ECD in programmes
Office Hyderabad
Details 00:37
Date Created 06-Jan-2021
File Size 10.73 MB
Ref No ECD/ECDP/2129