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Adolescent and Youth for ODF (Poster 7)

Medium Poster
Language(s) Telugu
Description Synopsis:
A poster with the following content:

Message: One may have a fancy bike but do not have a toilet! This poster stresses the need and importance of having a toilet at home. Henceforth, Open Defecation is Banned. Be Responsible! Human faeces are filled with disease-causing bacteria. Build a good toilet and keep it clean at all times. As the youth of today and a part of the young generation, they are the Nation's Future.

Rationale: For the older generation, it is difficult for them to adapt to changes and new behaviour. Whereas the youth or the younger generation is the future and will be parents one day. They must shift their priorities and invite them to have a toilet first before they have a mobile phone or a bike; this would change the scenario of OD.

Display Options: Higher educational institutions, youth associations.
Keyword(s) ODF, WASH, Hand Washing, Safe handling of water, Safe disposal of child faeces, Telugu, Maintain Toilet, Clean Toilet
Programme Water, Sanitation and Hygiene(WASH)
Sub-category Home Hygiene and Sanitation
Office Hyderabad
Details Color: 4 color throughout Size: 19x29 inches Paper: Chromo art paper 170 gsm or 95 gsm Fabrication: Cut to size
Date Created 28-Dec-2017
File Size 1.13 MB
Ref No WASH/HHAS/1565