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COVID-19 Virus Ki Kari Toro Video 7 Hindi

Medium Mobisode
Language(s) Hindi
Description Note: As on 7th January 2020, a new strain of Coronavirus was identified. The virus has been renamed by WHO as SARS-CoV-2 and the disease caused by it as COVID-19. Risk communication and community engagement (RCCE) will be the main stay for containment of COVID-19. The RCCE strategy includes engagement with communities through 10 videos jointly created by HUL and UNICEF under the 'Virus ki Kadi toro' series .
This is the seventh video in the HUL series and focuson points to be kept in mind by health workers when conducting Social surveillance for COVID-19. It asks health workers to use the format for conducting social surveillance; ensure 28 days of isolation and keeping in touch with those tested positive for COVID-19.
Programme Disaster Risk Reduction
Sub-category COVID-19 Risk Communication and Community Engagement
Office New Delhi
Details COVID-19, Coronavirus, SARS-COV-2, HUL; Hindustan Unilever Limited; risk communication, social surveillance; health workers; facts on corona; Virus ki Kdi Toro; public health, novel coronavirus; MoHFW
Date Created 09-Jul-2020
File Size 25.45 MB
Ref No DRR/COV/1980