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Identification of wasting children using MUAC measuring tape- Alchiki

Medium Book
Language(s) Alchiki
Description This is an IEC Guidebook for ICDS workers (AWWs) to identify SAM & MAM children using MUAC measuring tape and providing early detection and referral services.
Primary Message:
o Sign and symptoms of SAM children under 5 years
o Identification of SAM children
o Measures to follow-up with identified SAM children
Suggest Audience:
AWWs and Caregivers of children under 5 years of age
Keyword(s) , MUAC measuring tape, AWW workers,SAM,MAM, Child development
Programme Early Childhood Development
Sub-category ECD in programmes
Office Kolkatta
Details User guidebook
Date Created 06-Jan-2021
File Size 2.2 MB
Ref No ECD/ECDP/2137