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Leaflet for PRI Members

Medium Leaflet
Language(s) Telugu
Description Synopsis:
A leaflet with the following content:

Message: You are the leader for the development of your village. If you work and guarantee that your village becomes ODF, it will be recognized as a model village which will be to your credit

Rationale: Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRI) members are the key decision makers of a village and for ODF to happen it relies heavily on their commitment and determination.

Distribution Options: During PRI orientation
Keyword(s) ODF, WASH, Hand Washing, Safe handling of water, Safe disposal of child faeces, Telugu, Maintain Toilet, Clean Toilet
Programme Water, Sanitation and Hygiene(WASH)
Sub-category Home Hygiene and Sanitation
Office Hyderabad
Details Color: 4 color throughout Open Size: 8.25 inches x 11.7 inches (A4 size paper) Closed Size: 8.25 inches x 5.7 inches Pages: 4 (Self cover 2+2) Paper: 210 gsm Imp art card matte Fabrication: Cut to size
Date Created 28-Dec-2017
File Size 3.22 MB
Ref No WASH/HHAS/1556