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Leaflet for Religious Leaders

Medium Leaflet
Language(s) Telugu
Description Synopsis:
A leaflet targeted at religious leaders with the following content:

Message: God desires cleanliness. Open defecation is opposite to that. As religious leaders teach their devotees about clean heart and body, they should also advise them to keep their environment clean which is God's creation

Rationale: Aimed at religious leaders who can influence families on cultural myths, Vaasthu, pooja/kitchen rooms.

Distribution Options: During religious leaders orientation.
Keyword(s) ODF, WASH, Hand Washing, Safe handling of water, Safe disposal of child faeces, Telugu, Maintain Toilet, Clean Toilet
Programme Water, Sanitation and Hygiene(WASH)
Sub-category Home Hygiene and Sanitation
Office Hyderabad
Details Color: 4 color throughout Open Size: 8.25 inches x 11.7 inches (A4 size paper) Closed Size: 8.25 inches x 5.7 inches Pages: 4 (Self cover 2+2) Paper: 210 gsm Imp art card matte Fabrication: Cut to size
Date Created 28-Dec-2017
File Size 3.74 MB
Ref No WASH/HHAS/1557