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Malaria - Treatment - IPC Mobile Episodes 'Ammaji'

Medium Mobisode
Language(s) Hindi
Description Synopses:
The mobisode discusses the symptoms and mode of treatment of malaria. It also elaborates upon dietary recommendations and restrictions in malaria.

Question: What are the symptoms of malaria?
Voice Over Answer:
o High and fluctuating fever
o Chills with joint pain
o Headache and stomach ache
o Vomiting

Question: What should be done if a person is diagnosed with malaria?
Voice Over Answer:
o Start the treatment as soon as possible
o Complete the full course of medicine even if the malaria symptoms are alleviated
o Give liquid diet to the patient to overcome dehydration
o Give light and healthy food to the patient to avoid malnutrition

Suggested Audience: Mothers, fathers, children, care givers, ANM, ASHA, AWW and community members.
Keyword(s) Treatment, fever, vomiting, symptoms, blood test, mosquito breeding, stagnant water, mosquitoes, malaria, ANM, Anganwadi, prevention, mosquito nets
Programme Communication for Development (C4D)
Sub-category Facts for Life Communication Initiative
Office New Delhi
Details Mobisode, 11:00 minutes
Date Created 08-Oct-2016
File Size 14.42 MB
Ref No C4D/FFLCI/1320