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Meena Radio Episode no. 199 : Mat Roko

Medium Radio PSA
Language(s) Hindi
Description Equal Participation – Recognize that boys have to be respectful towards girls in school and outside

Boys should respect girls in school, home and outside
Parents should encourage children to respect each other
Parents, Teachers, elders and boys should take initiative to educate other boys to be respectful towards girls

Audience: Parents, children, adolescent, teachers, peer educators, self-help groups

How to use: Children listening to broadcast in class room followed by a discussion facilitated by a trained teacher.
Keyword(s) Respect girls, Respect girls in school, respect girls outside, respect each other, equal participation, Meena, Meena Radio
Programme Communication for Development (C4D)
Sub-category Meena Radio
Office New Delhi
Details 15 minute Audio Programme
Date Created 21-Mar-2015
File Size 16.8 MB
Ref No C4D/MR/1059