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Social and Behaviour Change Interventions for Promotion of Colostrum Feeding

Medium Poster
Language(s) Telugu
Description Synopses:
A poster on the importance of Colostrum Feeding; it is an elixir to the baby. It advises not to squeeze and discard the colostrum. Colostrum is the first milk produced by a mother's mammary glands after the first 3 to 4 days of her baby's birth.

Keyword(s) Colostrum, Boosts and Enhances Immunity, Newborn, Post-Pregnancy, Postnatal Care, Telugu
Programme Training
Sub-category Social and Behaviour Change
Office New Delhi
Details Color:4 color, Size:19x29 inches, Paper:Chrome art Paper(170 gsm)
Date Created 29-Nov-2017
File Size 6.51 MB
Ref No T/SABC/1467