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Theme of the Month, October - 2005, Iodized Salt (English)

Medium Leaflet
Language(s) English
Description Gives the message on Iodised Salt, Importance of Iodine in Preventing Mental Retardation & Brain Damage, Goitre, Miscarriage in Pregnant Women, Reasons of Iodine Deficiency & How to Prevent it.
Designed for use as information leaflet by frontline functi
Keyword(s) Iodised Salt, Iodine, Goitre, Mental Retardation, IDD
Programme Child Development & Nutrition
Sub-category Salt Iodization
Office Orissa
Details 2- Colour, open file format Pagemaker-7, Adobe Acrobat
Date Created 01-Jan-2005
File Size 0.49 MB
Ref No CDN/33/IS