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Mamta Card Booklet (Gujarati)

Medium Booklet
Language(s) Gujarati
Description A mother and child care booklet designed for providing information to caregivers about care for pregnant, lactating women and 0-3 years of Children. It provides basic information about Ante-natal check-up, new born care, post natal check-up, exclusive bre
Keyword(s) Exclusive breastfeeding, complementary feeding, immunisation schedule, growth monitoring, Ante natal check-up, post natal check-up, Gujarati
Programme Child Development & Nutrition
Sub-category Infant & Young Child Feeding
Office Gandhinagar
Details 4-colour, printing on one side, size 8 by 11
Date Created 10-Oct-2006
File Size 0.08 MB
Ref No CDN/38/IYCF